Canadian Mobile App Statistics

According to the Information and Communications Technology Council, Canadians spent an estimated $675 million last year on mobile apps and other related expenditures. That’s projected to increase by 66 per cent to $1.12 billion by 2014, and by 170 per cent to $1.82 billion by 2016.

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iPhone App Solution for Doctors

Problem: Scribe Inc. developed a web application to which doctors could upload audio files from recording devices they used to make treatment notes. These audio files were transcribed and emailed back to the doctors in digital text format. Scribe needed a more convenient platform that would allow users to send files on their iPhones and from their PC computers.

Krisco Solution: We created a windows application that detects recording devices that are connected to the user’s computer. The application then copies and uploads all audio files to the user’s Scribe account. Once uploaded, they are immediately sent for transcription, streamlining the process. For added convenience, we developed an intuitive iPhone app that allows users to record and send audio files on their phones.Image

Web App Developed to Eliminate Hand-Written Forms and Create Greater Efficiency

Our client, Caledonia Environmental identified that a major task in the process of transporting waste was filling out a required form from ERCB. This form was only available in a paper format which created clerical problems, such as illegible writing.

We created a web app with a digital version of the form which allows its user to fill out the form, print it, and save it to a database. 3 separate copies of each form print and each copy is marked so users know who should receive a copy. Also, the web app includes a dashboard that displays attractive charts to inform the user of the amounts of waste to be transported, as well as several cost estimates.

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Social Networking Site for University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine

Working with the University of Calgary in building a social networking site for their medical students. The site is built so that students can update their profiles, connect with peers, and create events. Profile includes info about their education, publications, and awards. ImageStudents can also edit their profiles into resumes by editing their profiles in a rich text editor, applying pre-made resume templates, and printing the finished product from the website.

iPhone Calculator App for Oil & Gas Company Sparrow Technology

Sparrow Technology designed a complex proprietary mathematical equation in MS Excel, with many input fields to calculate interference in well heads during drilling in the oil and gas field. Using excel was cumbersome and required extensive knowledge of the software in order to generate proper data.

Krisco Designs created an iphone app which featured a splash screen video to highlight the Sparrow Technology brand and developed a calculator app that allows its users to calculate magnetic interference both easily and accurately.

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