User-Friendly Back-End System for Calgary’s Leading Barter Exchange

We are proud to be working with Calgary’s leading barter exchange, eXmerce Barter Inc – We created a custom back-end system to enable trade members to post transactions, view statements, order gift cards, and view member directory. Admin users have the ability to record member contact information, approve and decline transactions, process credit card transactions, and much more.Image

Improve Communication with your Customers and Prospects with Bizzvo

We’ve developed a customer relationship management tool for businesses called Bizzvo. Bizzvo allows users to store contacts, set appointments, log calls, send group emails and newsletters, create invoices, collaborate and stay organized with sticky notes and much more. Sign up free for a 2 week trial or call Nelson at (403) 818-2745 for more information.Image

Website and CMS Integration for Calgary Acounting Firm, Troy Stanley Corp.

We are proud to be working with a Calgary-based accounting firm, Troy Stanley Corp. in re-vamping their corporate website and integrating a CMS back-end system.

The re-design of the website will display a stronger brand representation of the company, as well as easier search capabilities when browsing the website. With the integration of the CMS back-end system, this will allow for our client to make website changes or updates quick and easy!