Krisco Designs was founded in 2006 and is the base of operations for passion, ideas and out of the box thinking that opens doors and shatters limits. Krisco Designs stays on top of the latest development techniques, and even develops it’s own next gen solutions. Krisco Designs believes in contributing to the open source community and often posts solutions to the public for well needed frameworks that make doing the impossible possible.

We provide the following services:

iOS (iPhone & iPad) Applications

Business driven Apps are where we really shine. We can utilize other technologies like .NET and integrate them into a mobile solution for your company. We take advantage of the iPhones unique features such as cameras, GPS, touch screen and even accelerometer data.

Web Applications

Database driven websites and functional web applications can save your company thousands of dollars in manual processing duties. We can obliterate paper trails and double entry systems that waste time and create more stress for staff. By utilizing a web based application you can have a single point of entry immune to computer viruses and computer failure. Hard drive crashes and data loss become a no stress situation as you can simply hop onto another computer and keep working.

Windows Applications

Sometimes your project may be better suited for a windows based application. We can utilize the Microsoft Windows Operating System to create innovative solutions to most technical challenges you may be facing.

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