Database Driven Website with CMS and Custom Modules

Sunnyside Home and Garden needed a visual revamp to their website. They wanted to make adjustments regularly and utilize the website as a better marketing tool. They wanted to become a valuable resource to garden enthusiasts everywhere but didn’t quite know where to start.

We created a solid visually appealing design and incorporated a CMS back-end system for staff to log in to and make updates to web pages. We added blogs, FAQ, a unique custom built plant knowledge base and even newsletters. A custom system was made to handle donation requests. The backend was integrated with MailChimp to handle email newsletters.

If you are looking to re-tool your company’s website, please contact Nelson Liem at (403) 818-2745.Image

Dynamic Forms for the iPhone

Krisco Designs was approached by Rogers Communications to develop a service-based software prototype that allow dynamic forms to be used on an iPhone instantly and with ease.

We built a website that allows users to log in and design their own forms using a Form Builder. Those forms then show up on their iPhones in the EZForms iPhone App. Forms can be saved to a cloud server and instantly viewed on the website. We also integrated QR codes in the forms to allow the iPhone App to scan a printed form and instantly make it accessible through the iPhone.

If you are interested in building a custom app for your organization, please contact Nelson Liem at (403) 818-2745. We’d love to see how we can help!Image

Augmented Reality for the iPad

Our client wished to create an iPad app where users would see through the iPad camera and be able to see ‘virtual’ waypoints. As the iPad was turned, the waypoints would stay in the same spot in the real world! Once a point was centered a short animation and description about what they were looking at out the window was displayed on the screen. This app was created for an exhibit at Ralph Klein Park in Calgary.

User-Friendly Back-End System for Calgary’s Leading Barter Exchange

We are proud to be working with Calgary’s leading barter exchange, eXmerce Barter Inc – We created a custom back-end system to enable trade members to post transactions, view statements, order gift cards, and view member directory. Admin users have the ability to record member contact information, approve and decline transactions, process credit card transactions, and much more.Image

Improve Communication with your Customers and Prospects with Bizzvo

We’ve developed a customer relationship management tool for businesses called Bizzvo. Bizzvo allows users to store contacts, set appointments, log calls, send group emails and newsletters, create invoices, collaborate and stay organized with sticky notes and much more. Sign up free for a 2 week trial or call Nelson at (403) 818-2745 for more information.Image