Web App Developed to Eliminate Hand-Written Forms and Create Greater Efficiency

Our client, Caledonia Environmental identified that a major task in the process of transporting waste was filling out a required form from ERCB. This form was only available in a paper format which created clerical problems, such as illegible writing.

We created a web app with a digital version of the form which allows its user to fill out the form, print it, and save it to a database. 3 separate copies of each form print and each copy is marked so users know who should receive a copy. Also, the web app includes a dashboard that displays attractive charts to inform the user of the amounts of waste to be transported, as well as several cost estimates.

If you have a mobile app idea and would like to get a quote, please feel free to contact Nelson Liem, Sales & Marketing Manager at (403) 818-2745 or email nelson.liem@krisco.net.